Many people move to San Miguel to enjoy great weather all year long, with none of the problems and medical conditions caused by living in the cold weather. Beautiful cloudy blue skies and plenty of sunshine mean that you can enjoy the outdoors and amazing scenery almost every day of the year. The mountains in the background are great for hiking and exploring, and there is a wide variety of native plants, flowers, and animals to enjoy. Bird watching is a popular pastime, and reason that travelers visit the town from other places. Living in Mexico is not a complicated process, and if you buy unrestricted property there are no restrictions or limitations, unlike restricted property which must be held in a trust if the owner is not a Mexican national. San Miguel has a lot of beauty to offer, with fabulous sunsets that leave the sky dripping with vivid colors, beautiful sand beaches and ocean views, historic architecture that is amazing and exquisite and even quaint cobblestone streets.

San Miguel de Allende makes a great place for a romantic weekend getaway, or a weekend with the kids enjoying Mexico. This Mexican city has so much to offer that you will be amazed, and may make plans to come back again and stay longer next time. The people in this town are very warm and friendly, and English is spoken frequently. There are thousands of Americans and Canadians, as well as other nationalities, who have retired here because of what the area and town offer.

There are many cultural activities and festivals which occur throughout the year, and can make a weekend getaway to San Miguel unforgettable. The town also offers a large number of shops and boutiques, so shopping is a very popular pastime while here. Dining in this town can be a truly unforgettable experience, with a vast variety of regional cuisines and new types of cooking, such as fusion cooking. Whether you want traditional Spanish tapas or an authentic Italian meal, as well as every other nationality of food in between, there are plenty of places to go.

Even if you only have time for a weekend getaway, San Miguel is the place to go to relax and enjoy yourself. The center of town still has a quaint small Spanish village feel, with vibrant colored paint on homes, and plenty of shops, ice cream stores, cantinas, artisan boutiques, assorted merchants, and art galleries. A stroll through the area is delightful, and browsing through the wide variety of shops and stores can take up an entire day by itself.