Mexico Weighs Opening Up Wider to Foreign Property Buyers

Possibility of Lifting Restrictions on Property Purchases Has Developers Excited CANCÚN, Mexico—Mexico is poised to lift century-old restrictions on foreign ownership of property along its coasts and borders, a move real-estate developers believe could boost the nation’s vacation-home market   Mexico currently prohibits foreign ownership of land within 50 kilometers (31 miles) of the coast […]

Living It Up in San Miguel de Allende

Living It Up in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, a UNESCO World Heritage Site I was rushed and excited to finally be en route to San Miguel.  If I hadn’t ordered that last quesadilla from the street vendor I wouldn’t have had to run for the bus!  I had planned to head directly to San […]

The Audubon Society of Mexico

I was thrilled to attend the 45th anniversary of The Audubon Society of Mexico during which my grandmother Mrs. Lilian R. Birkenstein, the founder in 1967, was honored. The article below explains the important work this organization handles and please, if you love nature and birds, donate and get involved.   On July 22nd Audubon de […]

A Mexican Treasure: Video

View this wonderful video done by Mexican photographer Willy Sousa. It depicts Mexico in a magical, colorful and mystical way… enjoy it and come visit us… we will be waiting… Love Mexico and specially San Miguel de Allende.  

Under the Spell of San Miguel de Allende

In 1937, after several months spent traveling through Mexico, a gangly, 27-year-old Chicago native named Stirling Dickinson, who had been somewhat at loose ends since graduating from Princeton, got off a train in San Miguel de Allende, an arid, down-on-its-luck mountain town 166 miles northwest of Mexico City. Taken from the ramshackle train station by […]

Is It Safe To Travel To Mexico?

30 August 2011 Christine Delsol of the San Francisco Chronicle asked recently, “Quick – which national capital has the higher murder rate: Mexico City or Washington, D.C.?” If you happen to base your answer on recent headlines and news coverage, your answer will probably be Mexico City. But in fact, Mexico City’s drug-related-homicide rate per […]

Violence Figures in Mexico Compared to Other Countries

1 April 2011 Comments (2) The Catalist’s statistics-driven analysis of violence in Mexico provides a more accurate assessment of Mexico than many of the sensationalistic and non-contextualized news reports.  A website created to “empower the Mexican-American relationship,” the Catalist used international indicators for measuring violence in a country – the number of violent deaths per […]

The 5 Safest Places to Travel in Mexico

26 April 2011 Last week’s article in the San Francisco Chronicle named the top five safest places in Mexico to travel to, based on homicide rates: 1. Tlaxcala (1.1 deaths per 100,000) – the safest state of Mexico, an agricultural state with archaeological and historical sites as the main attractions 2. Yucatán (1.3) – famous […]

Sunset Magazine’s 5 Best Mexican Escapes

10 May 2011 The colorful streets of San Miguel (Photo by Marco Antonio Torres) Sunset Magazine recently published their list of the 5 best places to visit in Mexico, titled “5 (Safe) Mexican Escapes.”  Their list is as follows: 1. Puerto Vallarta/Sayulita:  Popular beach city, and a little north, another beautiful beach city popular with […]

CNN Travel on Why You Should Go To Mexico

11 May 2011 Comments (4) Robert Reid’s recent article for CNN Travel discusses Mexican tourism’s big PR problem – what we all know, the escalating drug war and gory media reports of violence.  He notes the U.S. State Department’s travel advisory’s recent expansion to 14 of Mexico’s 31 states doesn’t help matters either.  Yet, says […]