Dotty Vidargas, a student at Wellesley ,a control tower operator in the air force, and a graduate of the American Academy of Art, came to San Miguel de Allende from Chicago in 1947. In 1948 she married her husband whose family has lived in San Miguel for 4 generations. She quickly became immersed in the Mexican way of life and her four children grew up in San Miguel only leaving for high school and college.

Life in the town was very primitive in those days and there were only 7,000 inhabitants. But little by little , as San Miguel was discovered and the years went by, the town grew and became more and more sophisticated and cosmopolitan. Dotty often says that “the world came to me!” Through the years she has been involved in many civic organizations and has been president of the Real Estate Association. She started in real estate in 1960 and for a long time was the sole broker.She, as now, both sold, rented and managed homes. At that time she and her husband also designed and built some of the loveliest houses in town. At the same time they opened one of the most attractive and original decorating and design shops in San Miguel, Casas Coloniales, which still does a thriving business today. Dotty has decorated all over Mexico with the furnishings that she designs and fabricates.