Dotty Vidargas, whose name in San Miguel de Allende is the stuff of legends, has owned and run DOTTY VIDARGAS REAL ESTATE for over 48 years.  She has been in the real estate business longer than anyone in San Miguel de Allende…and she’s still going strong after almost five decades.
Dotty Vidargas Real Estate, aka DVRE was established in 1960 – the first in San Miguel.  No other realtor has seen the way the town evolved the way Dotty has and no one knows more about its residents and culture.  DVRE has shared hundreds of listings with four other established agencies…in every price range and category be it town, country, houses, ranches and lots.  Dotty, with her vast network of friends the world over, along with her go-to entrepreneurial spirit and deep knowledge of the town and Mexican culture has built DOTTY VIDARGAS REAL ESTATE into a respected and successful real estate business.

Dotty, still in the office daily, shares responsibilities with her  international team of real estate professionals…considered to be the finest in San Miguel de Allende; One of the reasons for their continuing success is their deep respect for their clients.  The staff shares their great love of San Miguel and do a superb job of making their clients comfortable about buying a home or property in San Miguel.  This gracious and enormously successful way of doing business is still thriving at DVRE thanks to the vision of Dotty Vidargas, San Miguel’s ultimate real estate professional.

Dotty Vidargas’ approach to business has always been much the same as she approaches her everyday life…relaxed, gracious and friendly.  Case in point: the majority of her business transactions, if you want to call them that, took place at her house over lunch. Her motto was to get people involved in the community and with others…thereby introducing them to the whole town.

All though Dotty remains to this day a cutting-edge business professional she is a delight to deal with. This is due in part to her intuitive understanding of the client’s needs and the depth of knowledge of what San Miguel is all about.  She has lived the life and walked the walk…as no other person has done in what is now a vibrant business community…thanks in part to her pioneering entrepreneurial spirit.
Her office, in a 18th century stunning colonial  building, is the perfect setting for this grande dame of San Miguel where she has surrounded herself with an extraordinary set of business associates who are not only knowledgeable professionals but are also very interesting persons.
Dotty Vidargas says: ‘I came for 6 months and stayed 60 years” – that says a lot about Dotty and the business and town she loves so well!
The office slogan at Dotty Vidargas Real Estate is: Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy!
You might add: Success!  Success!  Success!